Bothered by the appearance of your gum line? Dental problems do not merely consist of glitches on teeth but also on gums. Cosmetic gum surgery helps solve this dental condition and such treatment is easily found in the Phayathai Modern Dental Clinic (PMDC) in Bangkok, Thailand. Cosmetic gum surgery is the procedure of lengthening your teeth from the neck of the tooth upwards. Immediate effect would be a longer appearance of the teeth with less visible gummy smile.

Common gum problems include the excessive gingival display and gum recession. An excessive gingival display occurs due to teeth worn from teeth grinding, a short upper lip or even having a longer than usual upper jawbone. This is visible when your teeth appear too small and gums appear too large. Another condition is the gum recession that exposes sensitive root surface making hot or cold foods and drinks a painful experience. When the cosmetic dentistry expert determines the appropriate cosmetic gum surgery, they will perform primary procedures for both dental conditions.

Cosmetic gum surgery focuses mainly on correcting oral tissue and structural problems done by having the treatment on the gums. There are many benefits when you undergo the cosmetic gum surgery like the improved oral health case of your gums. This procedure may even reduce tooth sensitivity to cold or hot foods and beverages. It also protects roots from decaying and lessening further gum shrinkage. This dental treatment provides a remarkable result which is the eliminated excess gum tissue creating an attractive smile and harmonious gum and teeth proportion. Aside from the effects on oral health, having this procedure can lead into one’s increased self-confidence.

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