Now the trend of having white teeth is getting more and more, everyone want white teeth. Some people suffer from tooth discoloration in many cause, some are not. But even in the one who has original white teeth still want to get whitest teeth as possible. The current technology now can make almost every people a beautiful white teeth as they want.

Cause of tooth discoloration

There are many cause of tooth discoloration. Follow are the main cause of tooth discoloration:

• Tetracycline stain this type of discoloration cause by patients who have tetracycline by oral when they are in childhood when they are constructing there permanent tooth in the mouth. These kind of stain will have yellow to brown or grey color.

• Fluorosis this type of stain is cause by having too much fluoride in childhood. As you may know that fluoride uptake can make tooth to be stronger but we have to have it in normal level which should be around 1ppm(part per million) in tapping water. Fluorosis happen in the case that taking too much of fluoride. This will cause the tooth have yellow stain and may be white decalcified spot. In some degree will lost some of the enamel and get dark yellow to brown stain.

• Enamel Hypoplasia this is in the case that tooth has no enamel by disorder of construction of enamel. Tooth will have yellow to brown stain with no enamel

• Variation of yellow stain this may be can not call the abnormal stain. This just the variation of the normal yellow stain that someone is less so look white or someone is much so look very yellow teeth. This kind of discolor is very suitable and respond very well for Bleaching

Treatment of Tooth discoloration

Treatment of tooth discoloration can be begin with Vital Bleaching. This kind of treatment is very good for normal yellow stain. We can bleach from dark yellow to very white teeth in just an hour of Inoffice Bleaching or 3 weeks of Home Vital Bleaching Technic. The Brown stain from tetracycline or yellow stain from Fluorosis can be bleach too but getting more difficult than normal yellow stain. But almost every tooth has yellow stain to respond with bleaching technic. Grey stain from tetracycline is the most difficult one so in the case that have the gray stain may be not suitable for Bleaching. The most advantage of Bleaching is it is a very conservative technic. We can get a whiter teeth without touching any of the tooth material.

In the case that we cannot bleach well or the patients want the perfectly white teeth we have to choose the Porcelain Veneer Technic. This technic dentist will grind some of the labial part of the teeth and restore back with whiter Porcelain shell to make teeth to be whiter. This technic is some what not a conservative treatment but it can make tooth to be very natural white and can correct shape,position or axis of the teeth to be better. The result that came out give a very beautiful and perfect smile.

In conclusion there are two technics to manage tooth discoloration one is Bleaching and another is Porcelain Veneer. Each of the Treatment have advantage and disadvantage. Your dentist will recommend that which of treatment is suitable for your case