Dentists in Bangkok understand the importance of crowns as they are a tooth-shaped cap which can be placed over a tooth as a cover in order to restore its size, shape and strength while improving the overall appearance of the tooth.

Why Do You Need Crowns?

If you get a check-up in a dental clinic in Bangkok, the dentist may recommend crowns in one of the following situations:

If you have a weak tooth that has been damaged by decay and it needs to be protected from breaking up.
To restore a broken tooth or a tooth that is worn down.
If you need to cover or support a tooth with a large filling in cases where there is hardly any tooth left.
In order to hold a dental bridge in place.
When a dental implant needs to be covered.
As a means of making a cosmetic modification.
If discoloured or misshapen teeth need to be covered.
Available Crowns

All dental clinics in Bangkok should offer a wide range of dental crowns:

Stainless Steel: These are used on permanent teeth as a temporary solution and protect the filling/tooth while a long-term crown is made from a different material.
Porcelain: These can be created to match the colour of your adjacent teeth but the problem with this form of crown is that it tends to wear faster than crowns made from other materials.
All-Resin: These are inexpensive but are more likely to fracture and wear down than other materials.
All-Ceramic: These are an excellent choice for people with metal allergies though they wear down opposing teeth faster than porcelain or metal crowns.
No matter what your dental crown need is, a dental clinic in Bangkok will be able to cater to you and provide high quality treatment for a fraction of what you would pay at home. 

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