At Bangkok dental clinics, patients are forever looking to achieve that ‘perfect smile’ often paraded by celebrities on television and the Red Carpet. It seems as if there is something of an obsession with teeth whitening, especially in the United States where 10 million people spend an estimated $1.7 billion per annum on tooth whitening products and treatments. It is also the most common procedure offered by dental clinics in Bangkok as people desperately look to remove the legacy of soda, wine and coffee stains from their pearly whites.

How It Works

At various dental clinics in Bangkok, you will find that controlled usage of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide is used as the main teeth whitening procedure. At PMDC, we ensure that each treatment of this nature is tailor made to the individual needs of each patient. Prior to the treatment, patients should have their teeth cleaned with cavities filled in and the dentist should also check to ensure that the patient’s gums are healthy.

Generally speaking, your experience in a dental clinic in Bangkok will involve the dentist cleaning your teeth with pumice and then placing a protective barrier on your gums. Hydrogen peroxide paste is then placed on the teeth for several minutes before it is rinsed off and reapplied several times. In just 40 minutes, you could find that your teeth have been made up to six shades whiter. If your teeth are extremely discoloured, you may return for another treatment or else you could avail of the in-house teeth whitening kit provided by PMDC.

We also believe that dental clinics in Bangkok have a responsibility to patients and should tell them if tooth whitening is not a good idea. For example, people with infected gums, decayed teeth or white spots on their teeth are not good candidates for teeth whitening. In Bangkok, this procedure can be performed in a single session leaving you free to enjoy the rest of what the city has to offer.

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