When you check your teeth in front of the mirror and find something unusual like a space or gap between teeth, you undoubtedly are seeing a dental condition termed as diastema. This condition appears most often between the two upper front teeth.

This dental condition occurs due to numerous aspects such as discrepancy in a tooth’s size, missing teeth, tongue thrusting, spreading of the teeth caused by a gum disease and genetic factor. It can be also caused by an oversized labial frenum, which is a piece of tissue that normally extends from the inside of your upper lip to the gum just above your two upper front teeth. Blockage of natural closing of the teeth happens whenever the labial frenum continues to grow and passes between the two front teeth.

This dental case can be fixed through undergoing a dental procedure closing the diastema through the assistance of dental clinics in Bangkok. Closing a diastema helps to improve the appearance of a smile which gives you more confidence.

Diastema treatment plan is done by dentists or dental specialists once they determined the reasons behind its condition. The following possible treatment options are to be considered:

Keep the diastema
Orthodontic treatment to move the teeth and close the diastema
Use porcelain veneers, very thin pieces of porcelain bonded to the outside of the teeth
Crown and bridge work or replacement of teeth with implants (adults only)
For smaller gaps (less than 1mm), dental experts can plug the space with the help of a special bonding material
Few techniques of diastema closure are available in the dental clinics in Bangkok but the Phayathai Modern Dental Clinic offers more innovative techniques and proficient dental services supported by staff who can cater to the needs of our local and international clients.

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