The Strategy for Health for All and the World Health Organization (WHO) declares the importance of global oral health care and endorsed its promotion as an important aspect of health for. The World Health Day celebration focused on the oral health theme which makes the issue very significant to everyone. There are many oral health diseases which impeded the oral health wellness of the masses. Oral health wellness is now emphasizing the improvement of teeth appearance including the case of diastema.

Many patients become so motivated to improve teeth appearance because the presence of diastema in the anterior regions is quite displeasing. With this dental case, there are multiple effective aesthetic cosmetic solutions available in the cosmetic surgery market. The patients’ demand increased from treatment solutions for tooth shade, texture, shape and position.

There are many factors contributing to diastema. These vary from the discrepancy of tooth’s size, missing teeth, tongue thrusting, teeth spreading caused by a gum disease and some genetic factors contributing into it. This can also be caused by increasing size of labial frenum which is a tissue extending from the inside of upper lip to the gum above the two upper front teeth. The natural closing of teeth is blocked by the continuous growth of labial frenum leading to diastema.

Procedures are available to cure diastema and acquire optimal aesthetic outcomes afterwards. One needs to follow consistently the steps when having treatments. There should be proper diagnosis, treatment planning and clear communication between the dental expert and the client. These are necessary to create positive end results after the treatment.

Treatment options vary from the orthodontic to restorative treatment. Another conservative and practical treatment is the usage of applied resin composite. This treatment has many advantages like conservation of tooth structure, reversibility of procedure and relative addition or removal of materials. Diagnosis is also done to treat diastema which includes radiology, clinical examinations and tooth size evaluation.

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