An increasing number of foreign visitors are making the trip overseas for treatment in a dental clinic in Bangkok. It is an indication of just how highly rated dentistry work in Thailand is rated and also shows the huge gap in prices between dental clinics in Bangkok and say London or New York. It is a fact that you can book a two week holiday in Bangkok, have full dental treatment, enjoy the amazing sights and sounds of Thailand while you recover and still end up spending less than if you have the same procedure performed back home!

Price Differential

If you decide to have all-encompassing dental work in the UK or the United States, you will be fortunate to be quoted a price of less than 165,000 THB. Look for the same procedure in a dental clinic in Bangkok and it is likely to be closer to 100,000 THB. The enormous difference is enough to enjoy a lengthy holiday where you get to see all the tourist attractions in Thailand. What sounds better: being sat in a grim office in a UK clinic or enjoying your time before and after the procedure on the golden sands of Thai beaches while you soak up the sun’s rays?

You will also find that dental clinics all over Thailand have a reputation for using only the best materials for crowns and bridges with digital x-rays and all the equipment and techniques you would associate with clinics in Europe and the United States. Even destinations such as Greece and Bulgaria, renowned for low cost dental surgery, are being overlooked in favour of Thailand as it is fast becoming known as one of the world’s hotspots for dental surgery. Therefore, you should consider a dental clinic in Bangkok before thinking about going anywhere else as you can have perfect teeth and the holiday of a lifetime all in one package.

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